Neue Wertungen 🏆 Edge 312 - December 2017

Neue Wertungen 🏆 Edge 312 - December 2017

Die neuen Wertungen des kritischen Videospielemagazins Edge aus der Dezemberausgabe 312. Diesmal mit einem gründlichen Vorbericht zu The Crew 2 und einem tollen Feature zum L.A. Noire-Remaster.

Quelle: Edge #312, December 2017 / Future Publishing, Bath, UK / Edge

Alle in der Edge #312 getesteten Uncut Spiele günstig und garantiert unzensiert bei Gameware kaufen
Edge 312

Super Mario Odyssey
10/10 10 von 10
"Like BOTW, Odyssey is a new entry in a long-running series that belies its age with sprightly invention, taking big risks with an established formula, and having all of them pay off handsomely."

Destiny 2
8/10 8 von 10
"It is a game much better at explaning itself, that wants to be enjoyed and understood, and is happy to reward players for simply being there."

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
8/10 8 von 10
"The memories of that amysmal story mode soon fade, and those prepared to put the hurs in by themselves will find a game as fluid and flexible as any on the market."

Project Cars 2
8/10 8 von 10
"When Project Cars 2 gets into gear, there's little else like it."

Star Fox 2
5/10 5 von 10
"We can only speculate as to how it might have been greeted two decades ago, of course, but the years have not been kind to Star Fox 2, despite the success of an unorthodox narrative framework that was, in many respects, before its time."

Absolver - 8/10 8 von 10

Steamworld Dig 2 - 8/10 8 von 10

Metroid: Samus Returns - 6/10 6 von 10