Neue Wertungen Edge 268
Alle in der Edge #268 getesteten Spiele günstig und garantiert unzensiert bei Gameware kaufen
Edge 268

Watch_Dogs PS4, One, PC 8/10 ab EUR 60,99 (Konsole)

Fazit: "Watch_Dogs was so well received at E3 2012 not for its looks, but what it promised: a truly new way to play open-world games in which the concept of agency extends beyond choosing where to go and what to do next. And whether you're on foot, behind the wheel or in combat, Watch_Dogs delivers on that promise."

Wolfenstein: The New Order PS4, One, PC 8/10
ab EUR 52,99 (Konsole)

Fazit: "In looking to the past, Machine Games' brass-balled Nazi shooter has secured a brighter future for Wolfenstein."

Tomodachi Life 3DS 7/10
ab EUR 40,99

Fazit: "Otherwise, this is a delightfully strange and often surprising piece of work; it's more plaything than game, perhaps, but the smiles it generates will be broad and frequent."

Der große Aufmacher unter dem Titel "War Machine" ist das neue Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, aber auch ein spannender Vorbericht zu The Evil Within darf nicht fehlen.

Quelle: Edge #268, July 2014
Future Publishing, Bath, UK /