Neue Wertungen Game Informer June 2014
Alle in der Game Informer getesteten Spiele günstig und garantiert unzensiert bei Gameware kaufen

LEGO Der Hobbit PS4, One, PS3, 360 8/10 ab EUR 48,99 (PS3)

Fazit: "With all the side quests and collectibles, Lego The Hobbit is a cemplete and entertaining game."

Child of Light PS4, PS3, PC 8/10
ab EUR 18,99

Fazit: "Child of Light isn't a top-tier RPG, but its solid mechanics and visual flair ensure that it also isn't a forgettable one."

Trials Fusion PS4, One, PC 8/10 ab EUR 35,99 (Deluxe)

Fazit: "The existing formula is good, but with few meaningful steps forward, it's easy to feel like we've crashed down this road before."

FIFA Fussball-Weltmeisterschaft Brasilien 2014 PS3, 360 8/10 ab EUR 61,99

Fazit: "The cure for World Cup fever?"

MLB 14: The Show PS4, PS3, Vita 8.5/10 ab EUR 69,99

Fazit: "MLB 14 is antoher pennant-winning effort for Sony San Diego that showcases improvements both on and off the field, and opens avenues of play to people looking to digest baseball in different ways."

Age of Wonders III PC 7.5/10 ab EUR 36,99

Fazit: "If you can put up with the toil of running an empire, you are treated to some compelling and rewarding combat."

Kirby Triple Deluxe 3DS 8.5/10 ab EUR 40,99

Fazit: "Triple Deluxe does a better job than most Kirby games at retaining a consistent upward slope of challenge throughout"

Mario Golf World Tour 3DS 8/10 ab EUR 40,99

Fazit: "Mario Golf World Tour is a welcome but not irrefutably triumphant return."

Der große Aufhänger der aktuellen Ausgabe ist Activisions neueste Iteration ihres Cashcow-Shooters: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Des weiteren waren die Redakteure besonders fleissig und haben sich zahlreiche Hoffnungen vorab angesehen, darunter: Destiny, Lords of the Fallen, The Evil Within, oder auch Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Quelle: Game Informer June 2014 - Issue 254
Game Informer Magazine, Minneapolis, MN