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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII PS3 80% ab EUR 54,99

Fazit: "More action than RPG, Lightning Returns is full of great ideas but unlikely to appeal to anyone that doesn't like this universe. A divisive finale to gaming's most hated trilogy, but we loved it."

The Walking Dead Season Two: Episode 1 PS3 89% ab EUR 39,99

Fazit: "By putting you in control of Clem, Telltale has brought a different focus to a familiar world. Every bit as engrossing as before, Season Two could hardly have begun in better fashion."

Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Curry God PS Vita 70% ab EUR 43,99

Fazit: "Sorcery Saga is a surprisingly accessible roguelike that ensures newer gamers will get to enjoy this niche genre. It's short for an RPG, but does offer plenty of replay value."

Die Redakteure widmen sich ausserdem dem Grusel-Horror-Schocker Alien: Isolation und auch Shinji Mikamis neuem Survival-Horror The Evil Within.

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