Neue Wertungen Edge October 2012
Alle in der Edge #245 October 2012 getesteten Spiele günstig und garantiert unzensiert bei Gameware kaufen

Sleeping Dogs PS3, 360, PC -/10 ab EUR 39,99

Fazit: "You'll find well-executed entertainment here, some moments worth fighting for, but without glue of a good script or the polish of a blockbuster to hold its disparate parts together, Sleeping Dogs feels as trapped as its hero."

Darksiders 2 PS3, 360, PC 6/10 ab EUR 33,99

Fazit: "Darksiders II might have been made from bits of other, better games, but everything it replicates it does so with respect, if not aplomb."

Anarchy Reigns PS3, 360 6/10 ab EUR 47,99

Fazit: "Anarchy Reigns sits awkwardly, then: its unbalanced multiplayer mode means a fixed moveset and an unremarkable singleplayer campaign, while the high online player count means matches too often descend into scrappy pileups."

New Super Mario Bros. 2 3DS 7/10 ab EUR 41,99

Fazit: "More old than new, New Super Mario Bros. 2 is an inverted Galaxy, more content to remix old stomping grounds and sprinkle on new gimmicks than take Mario to places he hasn't hopped before."

Edge #245 October 2012
Future Publishing, Bath, UK