Stronghold Brettspiel (Englisch)


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Für 2-4 Spieler, Spieldauer ca. 120 Minuten
Brettspiele | ab 14 Jahren
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Siege and conquer! Fortify and defend your outpost - or lay siege to your opponent's - in Stronghold! Prepare yourself for the battle of the ages! Be you the Defender or the Invader, the struggle will be epic and the story will be glorious!

In this game of siege and fortification, players take opposite sides of the battlement - one to defend the stronghold, the other to assault the castle and breach its walls. As the Defender, send units to reinforce the walls and gates, forge lethal cauldrons and cannons, and set traps and sabotage siege engines. As the Invader, train drovers, quartermasters, and other specialists to man the ramparts, construct siege machines like deadly ballistae, destructive catapults, or huge trebuchets, and summon black magical powers and sacrifice goblins to bombard the stronghold.
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Für 2 Spieler, Spieldauer ca. 120 Minuten
Brettspiele | ab 14 Jahren
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A new chapter unfolds in the story of the invasion of the Stronghold! The Necromancer has unleased hordes of undead creatures: Phantoms, Skeletons, and Vampires. Each of these creatures harbors a special ability that will aid the Necromancer in breaching the walls. However, the Defender also has Priests who will add strength to the troops and repel some of undead villains.

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