Not Enough Mana

Not Enough Mana is a potion drinking card game for 3-6 fearless wizards (legal potion drinking age may vary depending on your kingdom’s laws).

You’ll be destroying each other using epic spells, curses and artifacts while replenishing your mana by drinking magical potions*.

Your goal is to eliminate all other wizards from the game, either through depleting all their health points or by K.O. (also known as Too Much Mana).

*Potions not included. The Institute suggests potions of 40% mana essence potency

Not Enough Mana, Trinkspiel für 3-6 Spieler ab 18 Jahren, mit einer Spieldauer von ca. 30-120 Minuten. Verlag: Superhot presents.

  • Not Enough Mana


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    3-6 Spieler, Spieldauer ca. 30-120 Minuten
    Brettspiele | ab 18 Jahren
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    The beautiful, linen-coated Not Enough Mana box contains:

    165 premium linen-coated 63.5 x 88 mm (poker size) cards

    70 red health crystals

    70 blue mana crystals

    Game manual

    Drawstring bags

    Plastic insert with extra room for card sleeves

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