Anno 1800

Vorbesteller bei erhalten bei Vorbestellung von Anno 1800 das 1602 Denkmal, das imperiale Flaggschiff und den imperialen Zug dazu.

Vorbesteller-Aktion zu Anno 1800 für PC

Diese Aktion gilt für Vorbesteller bis zum Release oder solange der Vorrat reicht.

Anno 1800

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Anno 1800 für PC + Boni bei kaufen.

Dein Sonder-Edition-Bonus:

  • Ein kulturelles 1602-Denkmal
  • Alternative Version des Imperialen Flaggschiffs
  • Reich verziertes Modell des Imperialen Zugs
  • Soundtrack
  • Lithographien

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Anno 1800™ – Lead the Industrial Revolution! Welcome to the dawn of the industrial age. The path you choose will define your world. Are you renovator or exploiter? Suppressor or liberator? It's up to you how the world will remember your name. In Anno 1800, players will take charge of their own fortune as they navigate the rapidly evolving technological and political landscape of the 19th century in their quest to build an empire that will stand the test of time. Combining beloved features with innovative gameplay in a memorable new setting, Anno 1800 marks the beginning of a new era for the Anno franchise.

THE DAWN OF A NEW ERA: Welcome to the 19th Century, a time of industrialization, diplomacy and discovery. Rich with technological innovations, conspiracies and changing allegiances, this era presents the perfect setting for the classic Anno gameplay. Anno 1800 gives players ample opportunity to prove their skills as a ruler, as they create huge metropolises, plan efficient logistic networks, explore and settle new lands, and dominate their opponents using diplomacy, trade, or warfare.

A CLASSIC ANNO EXPERIENCE: Anno 1800 combines beloved features from 20 years of Anno history. It delivers a rich city-building experience, including a story-based campaign, a highly customizable sandbox mode and the classic Anno multiplayer experience. Anno 1800 will see the return of beloved features such as individual AI opponents, shippable trade goods, randomly generated maps, multi-session gameplay, items, and many more.

CHOOSE YOUR STRATEGY FOR VICTORY: Overseeing prosperous metropolises requires constant adaptation to new strategies, based on constantly shifting situations. Players must fulfill the needs of their inhabitants by establishing numerous production chains, deal with other AI rulers inhabiting your world, and rise to prosperity by building a profitable network of trade routes.

JUMP ABOARD THE ANNO UNION: Join the team at Ubisoft Blue Byte as they create Anno 1800. Get the latest news, development insights, behind the scenes content and help us shape the future of the franchise, as we regularly invite gamers to share their feedback, vote on features, create content and test the game during its development.

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