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Edge 257

Pikmin 3 Wii U 8/10 ab EUR 34,99

Fazit: "Twelve years after the original and nine after the sequel, little has changed - but little really needed to."

Tales of Xillia PS3 7/10
ab EUR 52,99

Fazit: "What's left is, while smartly streamlined, a thoroughly orthodox game within a well-established type, a niche within a niche that's getting smaller all the time."

Deadpool PS3, X360 3/10
ab EUR 51,99

Fazit: "While we'll accept that Deadpool the character is an acquired taste, this is an indisputably poor game, one whose knowing winks and quips come off not as metacommentary but as tacit apologia for its litany of specific failings."

Diesmal wirft die Redaktion einen detaillierten Blick auf Destiny. Zudem werden Titanfall, Watch Dogs, The Puppeteer und noch einige andere besprochen.

Quelle: Edge #257, September 2013
Future Publishing, Bath, UK /

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